Sunday, March 18, 2007

Two weeks have past

We have spent 2 weeks in India already. I am getting used to the change. Satying at the Durag Niwas Guest house was a good expereince. We were able to relax a bit. I thought I could avoid the travelers sickness, but I was wrong. I didn't understand how bad it could be. But let me tell you - it is bad. I am taking my anibiotics now, but I am not sure how long i should take them. I feel a lot better, but still feel sumbling in my tummy! If anyone has any advice, let me know.

The days that I spent volunteering were really nice. I felt like I was getting to know the girls/women that I worked with even thought we didn't speak the same language. I am not sure if I will be able to visit them again, so I was a little sad when i left. I don't think they really understod that I was not coming back the next day. They would really like to gert sponors to put the girls in School, especially the younger ones. There is one girl that is so dilligant and smart. She is very young. I want to send her to school. I cost $200 a year for 5 years. SO that is $1000. IF anyone would like to donate money to this cause, please let me know. Email me and I will collect money and send it to them for her schooling. At first I questions whether the money would go toward their school. But after spending more time there and asking lots of questions, I think it is deffinatley a good organization that is really trying to help the girls. So is you want to help out- even if it $50 or $100. Just email me and We will work something out. If not, I will just work extra hard when i get back and save up the money. but wither way, that girl is going to school!

ok, enough of that

We are in Udiapur. we arrived late last night and after husseling the rickshaw drivers we are settled into our hotel.

The streets are like mazes. WE will try to take a cooking class and a painting class while we are here. Then we are off to Agra in about 4 days. Agra will be crazy, so we will live it up here- in the relative peace of the city.


Anonymous said...

It might be best to send the funds direclty to the school for the benefit of the girl you want to help out. Can you get the mailling address and other contact infomration?
Hope you're feeling better. Matthew too. It was good to talk with him yesterday.

Anonymous said...

You two are doing so well with all of this - sickness and all - I sure hope that you are feeling much better by now. Sounds like you are travelling smart, Agra will be quite a challenge re the throngs of people etc. I am interested in lending some support to your young friend - I will talk it up with some of my friends and see what we can do. In the meantime take good care of each other, hold hands and look both ways when crossing the streets!!! 38 days till you are back in the states, but who's counting??????