Sunday, May 27, 2007

Being back

I am here at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and feel like I have been thrown into it all. I have not really had time to process my trip and the new me that has developed from my experiences. Maybe in some ways the processing will occur over time no matter if I am trying to process or not. I am trying to step back into the American culture without getting caught up in it. I am trying to take small steps. Trying to keep a balance. I need personal space- me time. But it is so hard not to get caught up. For example- I have gotten used to not having a cell phone but now that I have one again I feel this desire to communicate with people. But Things don't always need to be talked about. Life was so simple when I was traveling. I had to think about where I ate food and where I slept. Now I don't have to think about those things, but instead I think about the bills I need to pay. Or I think about the little things that don't really matter. I have to remind myself of what I think is really important.

So Life does continue but I think I am looking though a different set of eyes. Eyes that have changed become more aware.