Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Looking Back

I'm not sure if people are still checking in to this blog, but I thought I would add short and sweet post.

First, I miss traveling.

Since we came back from our trip I worked in Colorado at a woodshop, then off to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver where I design and taught education programs. Finally I came to my senses, applied to grad school and moved to NYC. I am currently attending Goddard College and just completed my 1st year toward a degree is Socially Responsible business and Sustainable Communities. As part of my graduate work, I have designed a gardening education program for 7th graders, which started 3 weeks ago! I also freelance at Situ Studio sanding and painting sculptures.

SO life is good and busy. NYC is not my permanent home, but it is home for now. Matthew and I keep in touch, but not as much as we should. Time is flying by . . . as of 4 minutes ago I just turned 27.

I find myself coming back to this blog every month, mainly when I want to cook something from our trip. Perhaps I will start to visit more often. It will at least help my graduate work.