Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So India... Wow, Intense. I still can't believe we're here and it's been nearly two weeks. I watched "Babel" On the flight over. Bad idea. Don't watch "Babel" on the way to a developing country. Good movie though. I've improved significantly since being bed ridden for two days and today we ventured out into the city. It's much calmer than Jaipur, but still hectic. Indian life is so chaotic it seems like they use symmetry in architecture and patterns to bring some order to their lives, whereas in Japan life is very structured already so they prefer asymmetrical designs. Despite having just arrived I am already very excited about returning to the States. There's just so much to do! I came on this trip hoping to clarify my purpose in life somewhat, but I have only found more interests and directions. Something may be emerging from the mists, though, I have discovered much about myself.

While I was sick I read "The Motorcycle Diaries" by Ernesto Guevara. It was great to read about Che's adventure that very much resembles ours, at least in terms of age and duration. The book is very different from the movie, too, shorter I think, but more comes out about Che in the writing. I recommend it whether or not you've seen the film.

It will be amazing to hear a majority of English after four months of babel.


Anonymous said...

I'm left teary eyed after reading your entry - what more could you hope for? This is what real travel is about - a journey - seeking - exploring - discovering - not just new lands and people but a roadmap into yourself. You can come home now because now you know how to do it, you get it. This is just the beginning - Oh, the places you'll go! Bonnie

Kim said...

Hey guys! Glad to hear you made it to India safe and sound (for the most part). Providence is looking forward to hearing about your exciting adventures upon your return! Take care :o)