Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sickness in Udaipur

We arrived in Udaipur late on the 17th. The bus took two hours longer than expected, but we got some great views of the desert. One guy on the bus tried to convince us to stay at his hotel - very irritating, the Minerwa, I believe. He even tried to get the two of us and an Israeli we met plus our bags into a rickshaw with him and his wife. We took a pass, but did share a ride with the Israeli to our hotel. It does help to say you have a reservation, but man that was a crazy hectic night. It was after ten by the time we got settled.

The following day I got sick. Real sick. Vomiting. Seven times till my whole body shook, snot and tears mixing with puke on my face and the floor. Alison called the doctor, but by the time he got here the worst was over. He was very nice, checked my pulse and blood pressure and prescribed a slew of medicines for fever, acid-reflex, diarrhoea, nausea, and stomach pain. The nausea one works great and I haven't up-chucked since. He also told us how to mix our own electrolyte drink: 2t sugar, a pinch of salt, and the juice of a quarter lemon per liter of water. Goodstuff. I felt much better the next day,but still only around 70%. The beds here are so hard I didn't sleep much. We wandered around town that afternoon, even made it to the city palace, but only toured the outside. All I could eat was rice and toast, which was hard because out hotel serves up such lovelies as pizza, mac + cheese, pancakes, and peanut butter. I am a little worried about getting enough protein. After dinner we watched Octopussy, a James Bond flick played every night in just about every restaurant in Udaipur because it was filmed here. It was alright. Only a few more weeks till we're back in the States. I can't wait, Johnny's, Giovanni's, and Jamjuli here I come!


Anonymous said...

The reservations are made, the band is booked, the ticker tape parade is scheduled, the champagne is chilled and we are anxiously awaiting your arrival to begin the celebrations!!!! 35 more days but who's counting????? Bonnie