Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tuesdays With Morrie

I am finally beginning to feel at ease in India. I like it here. We found a good cheap restaurant right by our ashram, there's yoga, food shops for peanut butter breakfast sandwiches, and fixed price clothing stores, plus an amazing lack of hassling rickshaw drivers. Did I mention I am reading "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom? Well, I finished reading it now. It's a great read, particularly because it is set in Newton. In reading the book I wonder if I will be able to do it - lead a good simple life - or will I get caught in the traps. I've read so much about going slow, focusing on emotions, relationships, and forgetting the material things. But everyone who is to be writing about this stuff seems to have already sought their fortune, realized the error of there ways, and are now financially secure enough to live a simple life. But what's a fresh start like me to do? Maybe positive doesn't have to mean poor, and I'm sure it is hard to be positive when your flat broke anyway. I don't think getting a shit job to support myself while spending my free time on good works is the right answer either, that goes against the whole idea, that's what society wants me to do so it can lock me in. Something to think about.

I remember a party I went to last summer when I was in San Francisco. I didn't know anyone and was sitting on the couch with a few other people watching a movie. Then this guy arrived, big guy, looked around the room, saw me, came right over extended his hand and said, "Hi, I'm David." It was one of the nicest things someone had ever done for me, and so simple. I wish I could be like that, so open, so unconcerned with rejection. I want to be a good listener, collector of voices, and story teller, too. A good person. I can try.

I told Alison that she's turning into a real hippy since she decided not to shower anymore on the logic that India is dirty and no matter how often she bathes she will only immediately get dirty again, especially when doing two classes of yoga a day (we hurt all over). But then she pointed out that in fact neither of us have shaved in weeks, I was the one wearing natural fiber clothes and had my hair up in an awful shaggy pig tail. We're having a great time, and after all the yoga, we are showering for sure.


Anonymous said...

WOW! What great conversations to have with yourself - you will certainly figure out what works best for you in order to accomplish your goals. Follow your passion. Sounds like you are now embracing India in a different way than earlier - maybe after peeling away some of the more chaotic layers you are getting to the core. Are you going straight to Dharamsala after this and staying there til your flight home???? Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Let's see some photos!
Do you have a beard?

Matthew said...

As much as we'd like to put some photos up we've yet to find a place with computers up for the challenge. India is still lagging a bit technologically.

Matthew said...

I found myself questioning the other day where the environment is in all of this? Maybe only in my personal choices. I don't know where to go, but if I want to be good it would be far from the material, away from design, but maybe not away from art. Maybe I could design for less consumption... There I go again, being indecisive; none of it feels pure anymore. Perhaps I should seek out purity in a new field, something even more academic, something that could exist almost entirely in my own head. Maybe this search for purity has become my decision making process.

Anonymous said...

You know what they say, go within, it's all right there, why do monks spend a lifetime meditating?? Our culture provides a ton of distractions to lure us out of ourselves, spend, consume, etc. For what?? To keep the economy going, destroy the planet with junk, bury ourselves in stuff - bb

raccroney said...

Yep, MAtthew life's a journey, sometimes people figure out whats's truly important at and early age, and some take years to figure it out. Some spends years seeking what they think makes them happy, only to realize years later that they have be miserable. Its all a journey, you just gotta enjoy the ride and don't be afraid to mess up (easier said than done).
OK I died laughing when I read the "Alison"s turing into a hippie part" ...girl, you are TOO much..miss ya too much....can't wait to see you again