Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh India, India

I have this urge to clean. I want to clean the gutters. the streets. I want to clean the cloths of the people and the children of the streets. I want to tell the builders to use more mortar when building so that the brick buildings don't look like they are falling down right after they are put up. I want to pick up all the plastic and put then is grabage cans that I will have to place EVERWHERE!!! I want to wash all the walls and and paint everything.

I say this not just because it will make me feel better, but I think it will also raise the spirits of the Indian People. It is so cluttered that I don't think it is possible to think clearly.


Anonymous said...

What an ambitious unertaking!!! I'm sure coming from Japan which seems to be quite orderly and grounded India must seem like a whirling dervish. I'm so glad that you are haivng some down time and can escape from the chaos - Where are you putting all of this? Are your brains ready to explode? One month from today you will be back, I can hardly wait!!! Bonnie

Anonymous said...

HEY Alison! Lady, try to hook up with Jazz, via the facebook atleast, she should be in india as we speak...type, see if you guys are near each other, if you could talk atleast, it would be sweet beans. You might even get to see each other. Parts of Nairobi are similar to what you describe India as being. It can be quite overwhelming. Let's have some photos!
be well Lady, Take care Matt.

Matthew said...

Yes, In Japan you can see how clean things can be and in India you can see how dirty they can be. From India and Australia I am now comfortable with a high level of dirt. But knowing what Japan can be like I want to clean everything all the time. It is so nice to feel fresh and be in a fresh feeling place. Worth the effort I think.

raccroney said...

Hey girl,
yep, I'm kinda behind, b/c I haven't had internet. So you want to clean huh?
I can only image the results of extreme poverty on the cities.....