Monday, March 26, 2007

Sometimes we bargain, sometimes we trade...

A funny thing happened the otherday in Udaiper. A merchant Alison and I bought some clothes from tried to get me to trade hime my watch for a pair of pants under the guise that it was an Indian tradition to exchange items from your native lands. I said no and refrained from telling him it was a swiss watch worth much more than the pants, I think he knew... The thing is I really like the watch, and think of my dad whenever I check the time, which makes it special. After six months of being away it's nice to have things that remind you of home and the people who love you.

We made it safely to Rishikesh, where we are now studying yoga, via Agra and two overnight busses. It was quite a ride. The Taj was great, and it was hard to pee on the busses.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about Agra - glad you held on to the watch - I hope you can get some much needed R&R at the ashram - Hope you are feeling well. Bonnie