Sunday, March 11, 2007


We are here in Jodhpur. I am having difficulties getting pictures on the blog. so you will have to bear with us. we will put some up as soon as we can.

WE are staying at the Durag Guest House. Here is the website of their non profit: This place is very nice. They have Indian women that work doing handicrafts in exchange for pay, health education and sometimes even sponsorship for school. I Started helping them out with their bead work yesterday and today. Unfortunately Matthew has been very sick for the past two days so we haven't been able to explore the city. The city is small so we will get to it eventually. While i have been staying indoors I have been able to help the girls with their bead work. It is a very interesting experience since only one girl really speaks enough English to communicate. But it works out. I'm kinda glad that they don't speak that much English, because, although most of them are a lot younger than I am, I am quiet shy around them. They hum, sing and make lots of jokes while work. I am able to learn a lot by just watching.

It turns out that Govind, the owner of the guest house, Took over when he was only 15. His father passed away and he took charge. He has succeeded in making it a lovely guest house and starting this non profit. He encourages people to visit, volunteer or sponsor. I am not sure how I feel about it over all, but I do know that I like working in the environment with all the women. It is very positive and there are many good intentions.

so for now this is all. I hope everyone is doing well. We feel very disconnected from everyone, but at times maybe that is best. Matthew is feeling a lot better this afternoon and I am making sure that he stays hydrated. We miss everyone very much. Even through Matthew's nausea, He reminded me that we must end the trip how we started- At Johnny Rockets in Providence eating greasy burgers with lots of bacon, sharing fries and drinking milk shakes. That is such a happy thought.

I'm sure you can understand. We are enjoying our experience, but we are looking forward to being back.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Matt is recovering and being careful of food, water, etc. Please give yourselves time to transition - this has probably been more stressful than you imagined and our bodies have ways to let us know this! Your current "Home" sounds interesting - nice to hear that they are suppotive of women and encouraging independence. You both are to be commended on your courage, bravery, adventurous spirits, resilency, adaptability, flexibility, etc. Hooray for you!!! Alison, I am so grateful that you are there to help Matt out - take care of yourself too. Bonnie

Anonymous said...

The website is very intersting - are you thinking of working here or helping them out in any way?

ren said...

oh can only imagine how much you love working with those beads, thats pretty cool. Glad you are enjoying and making use of your new environment and experience. And don't forget I have chocolate waiting for you when you come back
Miss you!
PS- hope you feel better Matthew