Friday, March 09, 2007

Jaipur then to Jodhpur

Hello everyone. We are not only in India, but we have spent 5 days in Jaipur and are now in Jodhpur. When ever i have mentioned to people that I am traveling to India, they always warn me about the cultural difference. However, no matter what people say, you are not prepared for the change. The first city we went to was Jaipur. It is very crowded, dirty, smelly and poor. This was our first impressions. I think is was a difficult place to spend our first days. It seems like a very touristy place and therefore we felt very targeted when walking on the streets. People seemed very aggressive. I don't think that is how everyone is, it was just a dramatic change from the peaceful streets of Kyoto.

Now we are in Jodhpur. We arrived last night. Our Guest house seems more lively. There are women walking around in beautiful saris and a little girl and her pet dog. The rooms aren't as nice, but there are painted bright colors and there are beautiful curtains everywhere. So far the people seem friendly. We will venture out today to get a feel for the city.

All in all, I think we are getting adjusted to India. We are planning our trip using the lonely planet book and by taking advice from tourist and locals.

Hopefully we will check by soon!


Anonymous said...

I too am using the Lonely Planet guide book and following the two of you through India! I too cannot wait til you get back - what a celebration we will have!!! And I'm not letting either of you out of my sight for at least a week!!! Bonnie

ren said...

glad you're getting adjusted, to
india....kudos for your courage
much respect