Thursday, November 23, 2006


Today is Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all! Gobble Gobble. I woke up today at 4:45 (Matthew woke up at 7) to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for everyone - which equals 13 people! It went pretty well. Not quite the same as in the States. We ate square Turkey bird loaf.

Quick update. . . Some of my eyelashes and fuzzy hair from the side of my head is burnt off. And I think, but I'm not sure, my eyelid is a little burned. I was trying to Light the gas burner and I had the order of operations a little mixed up. I turned on the gas and had difficulty lighting the match, so The big ball of fire from cartoons Exploded in my face, making such a loud swoosh sound that people across the room turned around.

Second . . . Took a long walk through the rainforest and felt something cold on my led- turned out it was a tiny leech trying to get it's self attached. I later climbed a hollow tree- very beautiful. When we got back I happened to find a tick on the back of my neck. We regularly see 2 ft long lizards and snakes and cute koalas so we are getting a dose of the good, bad and ugly.

Third . . . I love it here. We are designing and building office furniture, the people are nice, I get to cook when I want and we are on the top of a mountain in a rainforest!


ren said...

you told me about the leech but failed to mention the little explosion!
please be careful...and make these people light their own damn oven, you're not familiar with their appliances.....consider this bit of advise for the remained of your travels....por favor

-you know who....geeerrr