Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wild Mountains

Well, here we are in the rainforest. Pretty neat. Whole place is solar powered. Building up an Environmental Education Center. We're designing furniture for their new office and cooking a lot. It's a good time, but we're always busy, no time for Japansese or a bushwalk. A well, Thanksgiving is coming up and well be cooking all day tomorrow for that. We don't have any phone service out here so we sadly won't be able to talk to anyone, but feel free to send us a text message.


Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you - sounds like you are in a very interesting place. What's the furniture like? Did you ever have a chance to check out any of those web sites I sent a while ago???The Furniture Society Newsletter had an article abut the Master Class Program starting this fall - sounds interesting. furnituresociety.org Are you near Brisbane now? What are the future plans?

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Miss you.
Be well.