Saturday, November 25, 2006

Singing and Cutting

Last night Richard had friends over, we ate by candle light, and burnt a camp fire. Nicholas started playing guitar and singing all these French songs. It was beautiful; sometimes his wife would join in. I think I got a recording of it, haven't checked the quality yet. We talked a bit about singing, and how people don't know all the old folk songs anymore. People don't sing socially anymore. It's strange and sad. Sometimes it can be beautiful, but others uncomfortable. I almost sang Shenandoah, lack of practice, uncomfortable. I do want to play an intrument. Piano. Though the uilean pipes or concertina is more portable, both are expensive. I like the pipes more I think... We started cutting pieces for the office this morning. Got an early start to take advantage of the cool air and sun power. All the desks cut out and in place look shallower than I thought, but it will work, such a small space! Oh well. There'd be nother if not for us. It's nice to do some wood working, but worrisome as well. I worry more being in these mountains than anywhere else we've been so far. I'm most nervous on in between days, not know what to expect from the next host. I'm usually fine once we get therel it doesn't take a lot of skill or thought to weed a garlic patch. But here, testing my design and construction abilities puts me a little on edge. This is amplified by the extreme lack of privacy here.

A bit on a word: what's a word for a good sound? A good sight is beautiful, and good taste is delicious, what about sound?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you are having an oppotunity to use your design and wood working skills - what out of this world expereinces you are having - the singing sounds wonderful - you have a nice vioce - sing out.
Do you have a next destination? Don't forget to remind yourselves of your past successes and the nice people you have met - of course it can be worrisome, where you go from here, but so far it seems to have worked out well. Do some brain gym. Don't forget, you and Alison are leaving a trail of good will, hard work, friendship, creativity,etc whreever you go. The impressions that you leave with people cannot be measured, but I'm sure they will be long remembered, and I know that they will be wonderful memories. WTF, you're my son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

a word for a good sound is harmonious or sonorus or bellafonic.
what is that a picture of in the last post? is it the inside of a tree trunk? you guys need to post captions for your pictures

Alison said...

Yes it's inside of a tree truck. The tree grows on top of another tree. The roots come down the side of the tree and finds it's way doewn to the ground. When the tree gets large enough it It kills the one it grew around and on top of and it is a hollow tree perfect for climbing inside.