Friday, October 20, 2006


Sitting in Solemenca Park, watching Hobartons. It's a couples city. I don't know what these people do, sitting around in the park. Some stay for hours, some minutes, Everyone sits, everyone meets someone. Ice-cream or a box of noodles, the Vietnamese Kitchen is just down the way. I went into a faery store with rows of pink skirts and pink hats and a dark hallway, gold stars glimmering on story-time. The grass is flat from my level, a vast bed with many sleepers. Sheets of wind cover us, an in between place. Airports, blankets, and bus stops. I will arrive someday.


Anonymous said...

Well, good that it was just an email but unfortunate that one bad apple spoils the barrel. Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Is this a poem? What do you mean? Bonnie