Thursday, October 19, 2006

Anti - Americanism

Had our fist brush with negitive steriotyping today while trying to find places to work in New South Wales in the form of the following email:

Hi Matthew,
After some bad experiences with American WWOOFers and excellent experience with those from almost everywhere else in the world, I am afraid that we are happy to host anyone but Americans.

Not your fault, just the way it's worked out!

I hope you find somewhere, and that you enjoy your stay.

Carol Flanagan


Anonymous said...

oh that compleatly sucks. but then again i am not suprised that american wwoofers have screwed up in the past... they were probably just pot smoking freeloaders who just wanted to get a place to crash and not work. ugh.. that sucks though cause you guys are hardworking clean teens. you could have helped save the image of america's youth! what a shame!