Friday, October 20, 2006

Hobart and beyond

We finally have time and internet access ( trust me we are paying dearly for this time to connect with the outside world) We are currently in Hobart trying to run errands. However Hobart does not make it easy. Most places are closed although their voice mail says their open. Very frustrating. We have found a warm place to work on the internet. The time we've spent so far in Tasmania has been frustrating but beneficial.

When we arrived in Tasmania we checked in at "Hobart Sustainable Living". The conversations that took place were very helpful. Their organization strives to educate and encourage people to live more sustainable and environmentally conscious. They achieve these goals through state support and fund raising. We asked about the Tasmania Together that I mentioned in a previous blog. Their response was- that's a government organization and to show how much support they have the organization wasn't mentioned once in the last election. Very interesting. However I have realized that sustainable here is not about the organizations is about the way of life of the people. In Lune River and in Allens Rivulet ( close to Hobart) people are content with the way they are living. They aren't trying to get Cable TV or even a TV. They have no desire to change their composting toilets. They don't really have trash cans because they recycle or reuse everything. It's a way of life and they are happy.

I want a balance of modern conveniences and natural living. Both of the places that we have stayed are equally Environmentally conscious and sustainable, but the reason that I am more comfortable here in Allens Rivulet than Lune River is that it is about 3.5 steps up from shiting in a bucket in a wooden shack with no door. And we have to make friends with a lot less spiders.

I am not exaggerating. I am still enjoying my self but really wanting a balance.