Friday, October 20, 2006

Studio work to Family Life

Here in Allens Rivulet we are working with Marcus Tatton. He came to RISD as a guest critic. I am attaching his website- so check it out. He works primarily with large timbers that he finds in the bush. I really appreciate his work for it's rawness, it's character and for not trying to be something else. His work is large and small, made with chainsaws, gouges, drills,and a 1/2 wooden bandsaw. He also welds without gloves. He just does what he has to do to provide for his family. He works about 4-5 days a week, comes home at 6 to have dinner with his family.- Maree (his wife) and 3 daughters -Elsa 8, Emille 5 and Jorgena 1. Maree works 2 days a week and makes it home by 6 also. The kids go to a school that encourage the parents not to own a television. These kids manage to entertain themselves with out TV, movies, or video games. They actually play!!!!. And their parents take time every day to play with them. It is a refreshing sight. They garden, knit, draw, play the piano and much more. All of this is accomplished without a nanny. You might think the children are socially awkward going to a school that is so small, but they aren't, then are just really wholesome children. Very refreshing.