Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tushita Retreat Group Photo

Here's the photo of our retreat group. Remember to click on the picture to open it as a full size image and the right click it and save or just drag it to your desktop.

Also, to clear up any confusion about getting in touch with us, our email addresses are in our blogger profiles now. So click our names at the top of the page and our email addresses will be in the category "Contact".


Anonymous said...

What a great picture - it is so good to see the two of you. Looks like you got a hair cut - I like it. Somewhere I read that it is important to do yoga because it helps to prepare your body for sitting for a long time in meditations - perhaps there is something to that. I'm sue that you have mixed emotions about returning - but isn't it wonderful to know that you have done this well and you can do it again!!! And that you have gotten a peek at what's out there - who knew!!! Are most of the people there from the States?

Matthew said...

No, it was a real mixed bag. There was a group of Gap Years students from the states, a couple from Canada, a bunch from Israel, and a sprinkling from all over Europe. A good group.