Thursday, February 15, 2007


Since we got back from Takayama a strange sense of waiting has overcome us. Waiting to go to India, waiting to go home. There has been a lot of sitting around, even though we still have lots to do since meeting up with Oya. It strange because even the short waits, like waiting for a subway, feel like we're really just waiting to move on. It may have to do with the International Center being closed on Tuesdays now, and because of that our almost complete withdrawal from going to Japanese language classes. We may also be overwhelmed with the quality of woodworking we've seen in the past few days. I feel in a way that my life is on hold; I want to work, to make things, but can't. It's hard to remember I am alive and this journey is part of my living life. Nothing is on hold, and waiting is sort of a throw away word for living in stasis, without purpose, but at the same time all the design we've been seeing makes me feel even more connected to our purpose. It's strange and I'm babbling now, so I'll go think about it some more.


Anonymous said...

Is this "waiting time" a processing time - you have had to absorb so much in the past few months, culture, language, food, etc. How do you organize it? Where does it go? All of this has been so stimulating and energizing. Bonnie