Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kyoto City University of Art Graduating Show

Last Sunday we met up with Oya again to visit the Kyoto Municipal Art Museum for the Kyoto City University of Art's graduating class' exhibition. It was fantastic! The University has design, nihonga (Japanese watercolor), urushi, textile, sculpture, and painting departments, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. The work was all top notch, and it was great to have Oya there to tell us about the work and classes. We liked the urushi work so much that Alison and I both started thinking about coming back to enroll in the program! I also really liked the nihonga painting; I had never seen anything like it before, so ethereal.

Afterwards we had a great lunch and went to see the solo exhibition of one of Oya's friends. An urushi student, but a strange, strange urushi student. All of his work is more like kinetic found object sculpture, right up my alley!

At the Museum there was a whole room of these cut out animals, all from a single sheet of material. Seemed very risd-esque to me, nice 3d foundation project.


Anonymous said...

Wow! How exciting is this and inspirational - I am so curious to see how all of this is going to manifest in your work. You must be bursting with ideas!!! Bonnie