Friday, January 26, 2007

Our Green Diet in Review

For the past week or two we've stopped our green diet and have been eating Japanese food we cook and a lot of cheap junk food. We still drink our wheat grass twice a day to maintain some alkalines in our bodies, though. I amazed to say there is a noticeable difference. It was hard to tell if we had more energy, better sleep, etc. when we started the diet because we had been eating pretty well at Wild Mountains anyway, and certainly no junk food. But now, with significantly less green vegis it is all coming back to us. We're more tired in the mornings, run out of energy in the evenings, are breaking out, and I'm having trouble sleeping. Could it be something else I'm not thinking of? Sure, but our diet seems to be the biggest thing to change in the past two weeks. Back to eating one dollar Fuji apples...

We went to another market the other day at a shrine; it was a lot of fun. It was about half the size of the first market we went to and much less crowded, which was nice, and many of the vendors appeared at both. The shrine was interesting too, there were so many of these little stone shinto kami houses! This one happened to be behind a flowering tree that smelled like sugar! We got to the market rather late, around four, and I decided to get some jeweled rice balls steamed in lotus leaves. They were Y100 each, but since it was late, or maybe because we're foreign, she gave us each two, so nice.


Anonymous said...

The hike pictures are wonderful, what views! The breakfast sounded yummy!!! These markets must be quite an experience - such a contrast from our "grocery stores"!!! Much more exciting and stimulating!