Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The days are flying by

So . . . the days are flying by. We haven't posted anything since Saturday and that was 4 days ago! Apologized to our faithful blog readers. When I look at the blog I feel so tired. I am not sure whether it's because:
a) to post a good post on the blog takes at least an hour
b) Recounting all that has happened seems exhausting
c) or trying to word it so that everyone stays interested also seems difficult.

or maybe all of the above.


So we have spent to past 4 days busy and not so busy. On Sunday we hiked up Mt. Nyoigatake to the Daimonji and ate a Japanese breakfast with the COSMOS cultural volunteer class. It was great! The Japanese breakfast consisted of rice balls full of fish wrapped with sea weed and miso soup. We prefer American breakfast! It was beautiful and great views.

picture of me climbing up the mountain

This is a picture of Matthew eating Japanese breakfast. So we know he eats some meat, but in general he doesn't like to test the waters when it come to eating seafood type things. So I think he found himself eating a ball of rice full of headless, pink, squishy baby fish. Um, I don't think he was happy.

picture of the Japanese Character in the hill. It is made of a line of these fire pits so that when they are all lit from far away it looks like the character. There is a place that everyone gathers on Aug 18th ( I think) to watch all of the characters lit on six different hills.

picture of the view

We rode our bikes back and then took the subway to the to-ji market. This was at the Toji- temple. It was crazy! So many people. So much stuff. I bought a couple of Japanese lacquer bowls that were really cheap! There was so much stuff. I got overwhelmed and left. But it was amazing. All the people, food, and stuff.

picture of the busy market- right when we walked in the gate. Crazy right!

Monday we took it easy. Stayed in most of the day. I made pancakes! I think I went running for an hour. A great accomplishment. My heart is going to be in such great shape. I'm not sure what I'm going to do in India- I don't think I'll be able to casually run on the streets and in the neighborhoods. I spent time working on my resume and chatting on line.

Tuesday we went to two Japanese classes. I think Matthew got his package from him mom. Thanks Bonnie-san (a.k.a. Momma-B) you must be reading our minds!

Which brings us to today: Wednesday. Today we went to made pancakes again full of granola and a little chocolate! That was also my lunch ( if you can't tell we kinda miss American food) we then went to our Japanese classes and studied.

I think that is about it. Oh i lost one glove! where did it go? How did it get away? oh well. I will have to get another one.

Well, thats all for now.

That wasn't even a great post but it took over and hour. I thought computer where supposed to make things fast?


Anonymous said...

Oh, Alison, I do so appreciate your entries and the time you take to do it. It is so helpful to have a snapshot of what the two of you are doing and what your lives are like. You go girl!!!! This is an experience of a lifetime and I suspect that upon your return these experiences will manifest in your life in ways that you cannot begin to imagine! Bonnie PS. Glad you enjoyed the junk food!