Friday, January 19, 2007

jo gi n gu

Regular exercise has always seemed like such a chore. I have had to push myself and convince myself that it is good for me. During our time in Australia I often felt restless and wanting some regularity from week to week. I tried to get into a rhythm of going for a jog. At no point was this extremely successful. I would going for a run everyday for a week and then not at all for three weeks. It was like a physical and emotional roller coaster. When you start the routine you feel great and more motivated then your motivation is taken for granted and over looked (by yourself) so you slow the routine down then the motivation nose dives! You are back where you started but you feel even worse because you know how good you felt. Once your tired of wallowing in you own misery you get fed up with yourself and start the cycle all over again.

Well, at least this is how I feel at times. When we were in Brisbane I felt refreshed and was regularly running. Once coming to Japan I got discouraged because of the cold and the uneasiness of knowing where what is acceptable. Starting the beginning of this week I pushed myself to bare the cold. It's actually not that bad!!! I just came back from a run that made be feel great. Even better than if it was warm out. I think I am really enjoying it rather than counting the minutes until I can stop. Maybe it is the fact that I never really get over heated (because its cold out), or maybe it's that I am visually exploring me surrounding, or maybe it is because I can people watch will speeding by. I'm not exactly sure.

One of the this that I like most is the fact that I am able to really get to know the neighbor hood that we are staying. There are a few schools for children, At least two college type schools. Around multiple corners are hidden play grounds, although I have only seen one really being enjoyed by many kids. The houses are so different and seem very fitting. While running today I found a beautiful canal that had a street on either side. The vibrant greenery caught my eye. I can only imagine what this place looks like in the spring. So many trees and plant and moss. The houses that lines the streets were a combination of old and new Japanese architecture. The older ones seem extremely space conscious and packed with usefulness in every corner. The new architecture seemed very clean and more spacious. The usefulness must have been hidden from the public's eye.

Well, these are my descriptions of a very significant jog through Japan. Next time I will bring my camera to take lots of photos.


Anonymous said...

Alison, thanks for the great descriptive tour - good for you for getting out there - keep it going - you can do it! Just don't get lost, sounds like you are doing this solo - please be careful - safety first. The furniture demonstration sounds interesting, am curious to hear how you came by this. You guys are great, keep your curiosity and creativity going!!! bonnie

ren said...

hey, so...lets make a deal....
you're technically a day ahead of me soooo....
if you go jogging one day, then you make it imperative for me to go to the gym the next we can endure the same psychological warfare together!!!!
PS. I love Japanese architecture.....keep taking lots of pics, keep being curious, and be careful!
PSS. the incense pic is my fave