Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jo gi n gu 2

So Today I felt like I was being kind of lazy. I didn't go to the cultural classes this morning. I just wanted to continue sleeping. SO I did. Matthew was out the do and I was under blankets dreaming of resumes, residences and Japanese talk. I spent all day on the computer, catching up with my sister, studying Japanese flash cards with this new program that I down loaded and that's about it. I never realized how long it took to remember vocabulary. But It takes a while. I even got dressed to catch the calligraphy class. I was looking in the mirror and I thought. I don't really want to go. I had this mental battle.

Alison1 : You should go! You need to take advantage of what they offer here in Japan. Get help from people instead of calligraphy books. Go and experience everything!

Alison 2: But I don't really feel like it. I'm enjoying myself and I'm learning vocab- which I desperately need to spend the time to do. I should feel like I'm being lazy or not taking advantage. Why so I feel these expectations. I feel like someone it telling me that I'm wasting my time.

Alison 1: Yeah someone is telling you that- IT'S ME!

Alison 2: Well, shut up then cause I'm enjoying my self and experience Japan in my own way at my own pace. SO HA!

OK. That was the argument in my head. I know I'm sounding crazy. But I was completely ready to go and I took off my jacket and started studying. I did get out side. I went for another Jog. And this time I brought my camera.

Leaving the apartment you are almost immediately in front of a play ground. Today for the first time I saw some children playing in the play ground!!

My jogging takes me down a couple of streets and I find my self on the street with the canal. The simple beauty of this place really get to me, so I took a lot of photos but will show only a few.

I saw this guy up in a tree pruning the leaves. I am continuously suprised by the culture here. People are always taking so much care to do the little things. - or the things that the average person might over look. I keep thing that the yards looked so well groomed, but never stop to think that they had a man climb up there and trim the leaves. While running I also saw people sweeping up dirt and little bits of trash. The take great pride in the appearance of their place.

So that was My run today. And Yes I am being safe- thank you for being concerned. I really enjoyed the people watching that occurred. And on the block back to the apartment I saw this little girl riding around on her unicycle. So funny looking- arms flailing around trying to keep her balance.