Friday, December 01, 2006

A little frustrated and yes . . . even a little homesick.

We have hit the 2-month mark and we are working on our last month in Australia. I'm getting a little home sick. More so than before- or maybe I’m just sick of Australia. People here are nice, but they like to make fun of Americans and assume we are all wealthy spoiled brats that don't know how to wash dishes. (Don't get me wrong- not everyone is like this. but this is a common occurrence on our trip) I know they don't vocalize their thoughts like that but we can feel it. But the interesting thing is - Australia is striving to be just like the USA. They don't want to admit it, but they are. So I find it a little difficult to deal with. It would be very different if they were so different culturally, but they aren't. Wwoofing with the French family is a very good experience but I have noticed that everywhere we go we end up talking about politics. Everyone wants to talk politics and educate us on the way the US should be. I reminded Isabelle the other day- not all Americans agree with and support our leaders. But I do appreciate the US for what it is- my home. Like everywhere else it has good and bad. Our good is really good and our bad is really bad.

Oh well. I'm ready for Japan. I'm really for a change of people, environment, and culture.