Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Time

This is an Update of our holidays. In Brisdane there are a lot of free museums and gallerys which is great!. Christmas eve was spent wondering around southbank and venturing into the GOMA. This first picture is taken from there. I is an installation in a small room. All the walls and ceiling is reflective. The floor is a walk was that you stand on that is surrounded by water. Suspended in the air are different colored neon lit balls. I felt lost in a neon ball universe.

The next image is of the walkway through South bank- very beautiful. When that evening we walked "Elf" out side by the water. They played the movie on a big screen for the Christmas festival. Afterwards Fireworks went off!!!!!!

Thats a picture of our 60mm gold tensil christmas tree. I decorated it myself!!!!!

Christmas day was walked back to South Bank. Matthew swam in the man made beach while I read a book. Then we ate a Chinese Restaurant in the Village. How exciting.

I think the weather sucks out the Christmas spirit here. Is around 80-85 degrees here. No one dresses in christmas colors and the city wasn't really decorated. You occasionally see a tree or some light, but nothing like I am used to.

Oh well - - Japan here we come!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
I'm thoroughly impressed with your adventures and the courage you and Alison have to travel on your own! Missed seeing you on Xmas, but your mom has a celebration planned when you return...Wishing you and Alison many new adventures in the coming year...I'm enjoying learning about them here...Happy and safe 2007! Myrna