Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shirley you jest

Last night we were talking to Yvonne and here recently arrived brother about their mother’s move from rural Queensland to Launceston after her husband’s passing. Well, she didn’t have any friends here and there was no Shirley club in town so she started one a month ago and now they have twenty two members. Wait wait, a Shirley club? Oh yes, you see her name is Shirley, it was a very a very popular name back when Shirley temple was on stage, but now it’s fallen out of fashion, so all these women named Shirley are around the same age. One day they decided to form a club, all you needed to join was to have Shirley as a first or last name. They’re in all the major towns now. It’s great for the old Shirleys because now they suddenly have all these friends from all walks of life to drop in on. What? Are you serious? I’ve never heard of this. Like, is there a New York chapter? Does anyone back in the states know a Shirley in a name exclusive social club? Alison and I couldn’t stop laughing, it’s just amazing.


Anonymous said...

i have never heard of such a thing but it sounds like the red hat ladies club which is something that is a for real deal the US