Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sustainable in Tasmania

As I am preparing for out trip to Hobart I have been doing a little research on Sustainability in Tasmania. I have found many websites that address this issue. Most of these websites mention in some way "Tasmania Together". Wondering what Tasmania Together is, I found myself on their website and very impressed with what I saw. I strongly recommend everyone that is interested to visit the site and explore!

For a little teaser:

About Tasmania Together

"“Together we will make Tasmania an icon for the rest of the world by creating a proud and confident society where our people live in harmony and prosperity.Â"

Tasmania Together is a pioneering project that allows the people of Tasmania to say what they want for their long-term social, economic and environmental future.

This is only the first two points of the description about Tasmania Together. It seems very idealistic and the effort is getting results in education, employment, nutrition, smoking and much, much more. Although some of the topics of improvments are probably debatable, this seems like a genuine effort of people getting together to make a difference in the place that they live. I have a few questions about this how they got all otheireinputut from the community. Does this actually represent the majority of Tasmanians? Although the US is a lot larger than Tasmania, do we have programs like this one that are achieving such results? I am researching to find out answers to these questions.