Monday, October 09, 2006

Australian Art

Amidst running several errands today, and both of us not feeling 100% we managed to make it to the Art Gallery of New south Wales, which is really more of a museum than a gallery. They had artwork from all over but mostly from Australia, we only looked at the 20th century, current, and aboriginal art. The 20th century was very surreal and the contemporary was very similar to what is going on elsewhere in the world, only I noticed a trend in using more realist techniques with abstraction. The Aboriginal was very interesting, very simple, but very powerful. Big images and totems too. I was somehow struck at a similarity between the paintings and the American Gee's Bend Quilts. You couldn't take photos or the paintings, but I found these images online as an example. The paintings at the gallery had something to do with the Dreaming, they were really mesmorizing, you could get lost in them. Well worth seeing.