Sunday, October 01, 2006

Outside Auckland, NZ

Well, We made to our first destination safe and sound. After a plane, a bus, a train, and 14 hours in transit we arrived in Papakura to meet the Warrens. Out here it is beautiful, the trees are a bit different, but it is similar to spring in the US, very green though. We've been gathering nuts for two days - not bad work really, a little hard on the back though. The place we're staying uses rain water for drinking and bathing and swamp water for irrigation and toilets. Solar heated too. They've got chickens, sheep and a pig roaming about. Even after one day we were even more excited about our time in Japan when we will be in control of our own schedule and meals.

At times I do think this work exchange experience is very ideal, I get to climb really high into trees and pick nuts. There aren't many bugs around so I don't get bothered by much except the occasional nut that falls on my head. In general, although there are mild limitations to our stay, the experience is worth having. I'm very happy that Matthew are traveling together. Everything seems easier when someone else is with you.


Anonymous said...

Hi, sounds like you already are getting your feet wet in the woofing world. Am curious to hear about the people, the accommodations, food, etc. How exciting is this???

ren said...

sounds like you guys are having a great experience. So I'll be sure to tell Mom that you are indeed picking nuts! For some reason Alison, I think you enjoy this kinda work:) Dang, ur climbing trees too? I'd like a picture of that please.
I'm so happy you guys made it there safely.....Are the hosts nice?
pigs roaming about? yuummmmm I thnk I want ham for
love ya