Friday, October 27, 2006

Oh, Americans, they're all ax murderers

Well, we're in Launceston for the next couple of weeks. The family we're staying with is very nice. There is another guy here redoing their gardens and two Korean girls that generally keep house, and Alison and I who have been assisting Thomas the Builder and Marky the Plasterer in renovating her mother's house which is right next door. The "good christian Korean girls" Have me and Sam, the gardener, banished to the grandmother's house while it is being renovated. Oh, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Early mornings for us men anyhow. The builders are actually very nice and funny guys, a bit different from your typical American construction worker. Oh yeah, she has a 16 year old daughter, and an 18 year old son who often has friends over. It's a noisey crowded house, but it's all good energy. Yvonne collects chinese antiques, as per this stool I really like. There's also a photo of the great view and my new friend.


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No, kitty mine!

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Great pictures - you are looking well. Sounds like another unique experience! With young people there perhaps you will get a chance to pick their brains and get their views on some issues. What's with the ax murderers thing?? Bonnie