Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ketchup Face

We went to get our tickets changed yesterday. We got a refund on the Thailand tickets and then wanted to get flights to Japan only to find the STA here in LA couldn’t get anything for us. The woman helping us, a Ms. Stern, was very difficult to work with so we ended up leaving. Hopefully we’ll be able to get something in Sydney or online. Given the situation we had just dealt with involving STA's wrongdoing in booking our inter-Australia tickets, they are not ranking very high in our book right now. The problem we realized today is that with out going to Thailand it will be the dead of winter for our entire time in Japan, if we go there in January. We have no warm clothes…

In other news I emptied half a bottle of ketchup into my ear at dinner last night.


ren said...

oh, my ketchup post is under ur "24 hr" blog.
Ok, I'm gonna go
You guys should have enough renita entertainment for one day!