Wednesday, September 27, 2006

24 hours

So as it turns out Sara from the STA yesterday was just crazy and we were able to get the Osaka tickets she wouldn't sell us at a different STA on the UCLA campus just down the street. By this time tomorrow we will hopefully in the air and on our way. I wonder a bit if ditching Thailand so quickly was a mistake - it could have been an opportunity to capture the spirit of change there - but this way we will get a better sense of Australia and Japan, which was really our intent. I just hope we don't miss some of the "sustainable by force" we may have found in more developing countries.

On a side note I completely agree with Alison about LA. Having been here for the past week it is amazing how spread out everything is. You need a car to get anywhere and there are no trains. Because of this peoples' cars are a huge status symbol and I just feel like everyone is competing, or struggling, to get above everyone else. It's rather sad actually.


ren said...

The whirlwind bottle of ketchup!!! that was crazy!
and even more crazy...the age of those abercrombie hotties behind us