Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Looking Back

I'm not sure if people are still checking in to this blog, but I thought I would add short and sweet post.

First, I miss traveling.

Since we came back from our trip I worked in Colorado at a woodshop, then off to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver where I design and taught education programs. Finally I came to my senses, applied to grad school and moved to NYC. I am currently attending Goddard College and just completed my 1st year toward a degree is Socially Responsible business and Sustainable Communities. As part of my graduate work, I have designed a gardening education program for 7th graders, which started 3 weeks ago! I also freelance at Situ Studio sanding and painting sculptures.

SO life is good and busy. NYC is not my permanent home, but it is home for now. Matthew and I keep in touch, but not as much as we should. Time is flying by . . . as of 4 minutes ago I just turned 27.

I find myself coming back to this blog every month, mainly when I want to cook something from our trip. Perhaps I will start to visit more often. It will at least help my graduate work.



Zach McQueary said...

Hello Alison,

I was doing a search for the WWOOF program and happened upon your blog...its interesting how that happens!

I was planning on joining the program and taking myself out to France to work at a vineyard in Bordeaux. At this point in my life, being 26, 27 in only a few short months...I began to consider the long road I've taken to this point in my life, and the crossroads I find myself at now. I noticed all the amazing places you've traveled, the incredible experiences you must've had (good/bad), and how that has shaped your life to this point.

Lately I've been asking myself the same questions you have, though I've never traveled outside the US, and frankly I'm starving for the world outside this screwed up country. Anyway, long story short, your posts have inspired me to jump head-first into the unknown and discover myself out there..in a 'razors edge'-sort of way. I was hoping to get back to NYC where I used to live and work, but the job market has been terrible and I've been forced to move back to my homeland, Kentucky, where I feel at home yet watching the world pass by day-by-day.

I felt that WWOOF would be the answer, but I'm still pulled to get back to the city where all the action is. It sucks being a country boy yearning for the big city...but I still feel tied to the sustainable lifestyle...its a part of me and what I want for my children (though God forbid I procreate hahaha).

Not sure if any of this makes sense, but I'd love to hear more about your experiences and what you found out there in your travels, the things that spoke to you. Sorry for the confusing comments, but I just wanted to thank you for your posts, and let you know that somewhere out there someone is listening hahaha cheers


Alison said...

Hi Zack,

I completely relate to you comment. Not confusing. . . interesting. All I have to say is- if you feel like you are watching the world pass by day-by-day then somethings probably got to change, right? One of my biggest fears is that I'm going to think one day- I should have done more, what have i been doing all these year? That fear pushes me to do more and make use of this precious time. So- if you want to be in a big city- you should. You can always struggle for a sustainable life in the big city like the rest of us. We probably need more people like you around to support the movement.

As for traveling- do it!!!!!!!! especially if you are not tied to anything. I always want to get out of the United States b/c I do think it is screwed up. But I always realize that I want to experience other places so that I an see how to influence my surroundings here in a positive way.

Feel free to email me.