Tuesday, April 24, 2007

the last of India

We are comign to the end! WE exchanges money back into US dollars. and i think it is setting in that we are leaving. I can not explain how excited I am. This trip has made me think about how fast time flys and that it really does not stop for anyone or anything. The only thing I can do is make that best of my time here.

We saw an amazing rock garden that used found object/junk. the garden was amazing, nothing like i have seen before. The one thing about Chandighar is that there people that live here are not extremely poor, In fact they are some of then more wealthy people oof India. It is really nice to see Children and adults playing on swings, picnicing at the rose garden and in genreal enjoying their lives, instead of begging for food or money. It has been a little bit of a mental break from the rest of India. It's not just the people. There are also no cows on the street here, which means there is no cow shit to aviod walking on! I am thrilled about that.

It is a little strangethat the wealthy in India can live their lives knowing that just miles a ways there are people starving to death. But I guess that is what we all do. But we can mentally try to have compassion for others and at least want to alliviate their suffering (a little Buddhism mentallity).