Friday, April 27, 2007

Being Back

We arrived yesterday. We managed to stay awake all day (except for a 2 hour nap that I took). Matthew's parents greeted us at the airport with tears, welcome home signs and flashing lights. We spent the rest of the day settling down and answering many questions about our trip. It was intense, but I really enjoyed it. The day made me feel like there are people that really care about us and what we have been doing.

Although I am not coming back to a specific home (I will be traveling from Boston to Providence to NYC to Aspen Colorado) I really feel like I have arrived home. I can feel spring in the air of the USA. Everything looks different but so familiar. The bathroom is one of the nicest rooms in the house instead of the grossest! There are no cows on the streets and no stray dogs. But on the other hand, when I walk around here I am not easily reminded that there are a lot of people that are starving in the world, or that what we consider a hard life is nothing compared to others. The reminders are helpful so that we are motivated to change and to encourage change around us.