Monday, February 05, 2007

Kyoto Seika University

We had a great time going to Kyoto Seika University today. We took the long way around, trying to follow the railroad tracks, rather than go over the hills. (Last time we went over the hills and never found the school.) This was a bit difficult, though, as there was no road that followed the tracks, so we did a lot of back tracking. It was wonderful, though. It was so warm today, around 57 degrees, that it was enjoyable to be riding outdoors, despite my late start (2PM). We rode through all these little side streets, neighborhoods, and gardens. So lovely. It made me really love Kyoto. Like all the expats we meet say, you could get stuck here. Everyone is nice and polite. It made me feel really good just biking around, not really caring if we found the school.

The school was very nice, too, when we got there. Great facilities for their four departments of Manga, Design, Humanities, and Fine Art. Very new as well, built in the sixties and they're still adding to it. We got a great tour from Ken in the International Office, an Ausi himself. It was good to hear that the buildings were designed by their architecture faculty, and a lot of the equipment was designed by their product (ID) faculty. And it was nice to see the study spaces where a lot of the work from the grad show we saw the other day was made. It made me want to go back to school, or teach. I'd love to teach 3d Foundation somewhere and set up a Japanese Honors Program. If I wanted another design degree I'd consider Kyoto Seika, alas, I don't.