Sunday, February 25, 2007


On Friday night we met up with friends and went to see a Japanese movie. DORORO is a Japanese flim based on a Manga story. Although we didn't understand what was said, the acting was very exaggerated and visual and therefore decipherable. Chikako (our friend) also gave a brief and simple discription of the story line before the movie started and also described certain things during the movie, which I then parcipitated in the telephone game and transfered the information to Matthew. So I'm not sure if our interpretation is accurate, but here goes.

The main character, Shibasaki, is a female warrior(although she doesn't seem to play the main role. Her parents were killed during a war and she is forced to grow up as a man (although she doesn't try to look or sound like a man, she just has a kind of a boyish, annoying way about her). She meets Hyakkimaru, a young warrior that was born without 48 body parts because of a pact that his biological father made with 48 demons. His father promised his son's life to the demons for the power to rule the country and bring peace to the land. He, indeed ruled the country, not by peace, but by violence and self-indulgence. Hyakkimaru never knew his real father, because he was abandoned at birth and raised by a witch doctor that gave him the body parts that he lacked but with special features. His forearms could detach and underneath there were swords! He had the ability to see other people's memories and sense much more than other people could see.

So the story is about Hyakkimaru fighting demon after demon to gain back the parts that he is missing. Shibasaki tags along and occasionally helps him to fight the demons, when she is not causing him more trouble. By the end of the movie, Hyakkimaru finds out that his father is the ruler of the land and that he has a brother. His brother tries to kill him because Hyakkimaru threatens his birth right as ruler of the country. But we all know that our hero must prevail! So he unwillingly kills his brother. Next, his father comes into the scene with the intentions of killing him as well because of the promise of the demons to give him more power. And of course the father dies instead. But gives him the options to get his son back if he gives his body to the demons and therefore giving them the power to directly rule the land. He father agrees, but his soul manages to fight the demon and tries to kill the demon and his self. He is unsuccessful and begged his sons to kill him and therefore kill the demon that dwells inside of him. The one son is a wimp and a coward and doesn't do anything. But Hyakkimaru understand what is at stake and kills the demon and his father.

So I think Hyakkimaru is now the ruler of the land, but I'm not really sure.

Oh i forgot to say that each time he kills a demon a body part painfully falls off and a new one grows back on. It was very strange. The demons low budget latex monsters. And if I were the warrior I would want to keep my sword arms instead of real ones. Also he had the ability to heal himself, which came in handy many times. What will he do when he because entirely mortal?

So he only fought 24 of the demons and I am assuming that there will be a sequel for the next 28.

And the girl tagged a long playing her drum and screaming a lot.

Kind of a confusing movie to explain, but understandable even without knowing Japanese