Monday, February 19, 2007

Changes to our Blog

So, in the process of updating our blog out of beta testing I've made a few changes to the format. There are Categories now, so that all our posts are sorted by city and country, so if you're interested in what we did in Lune River, you can just click the Lune River category and see all our posts relating to Lune River. Kind of nice. Also there are some topic categories mixed in there, like recipes, reviews, art + design, and wwoofing. I hope this makes navigating our blog easier than it was before when the posts were just in chronological order. We even got comments back on the main page, but it makes the load time really slow, so we'll have to see how that works out. Also, all posts now have their own page, so if you click the title of a post (and we have not set it to take you to a company or school etc) you'll see just that post on it's own page with comments. Good if you want to email a certain post to someone. Hope this helps, more reviews coming soon.

P.S. My sister sent me this from Aldo Leopold's Sand County Almanac about grandpa, but I really liked it in general.

"The pine's new year begins in May, when the terminal bud becomes 'the
candle.' But he who lives with pines knows that the candle has a
deeper meaning, for at its tip burns the eternal flame that lights a
path into the future. May after May my pines follow their candles
skyward, each headed straight for the zenith, and each meaning to get
there if only there be years enough before the last trumpet blows. It
is a very old pine who at last forgets which of his many candles is
the most important, and thus flattens his crown against the sky. You
may forget, but no pine of your own planting will do so in your

Edit: After trying out the new blog for a few days we've cut the comments of the main page, but put them in the side bar under "Recent Comments" which loads a lot faster and takes you to the post the comment refers to. Also, we cut out all the city categories and replaced them with states as it was looking a little too cluttered. Hope it works out now.


Anonymous said...

I think of all the pine trees that Grandpa planted at the Cape in the back and also at some other houses we had lived in - What a wonderful vision it creates. Thank you, Margo. mom