Monday, February 26, 2007

The Amazing day part 2

After she showed us the kimonos Saori offered to dress me in one of hers. My response was, Yes, I would be honored! I was not expecting to be offered such an opportunity such as this.

The process of trying on the out fit was very long. I put on th undergarment over my cloths- kind of funny because Matthew was not allowed to see me, although I had cloths on underneath. Plus I walked out into the room and realized that me wallet was in my back pocket of my jeans and would cause a bulge through the kimono. So I reached under and took it out of my back pocket- an action that seemed so normal because I still had pants on. But i heard the gasps from Saori and Sayaka. I think they wanted me to have the full experience.

After many sashed were tied around me and many things tucked in the obi I was fully dressed in the Traditional Japanese Kimono. It was a casual wool kimono. I even had the Japanese shoes on an had to walk in a straight line. We took lots od picture. Saori even had me walk out to the park and take pictures. A few of the people that walked by took a double or triple take! I'm sure I was a sight to see- or maybe I blended in more. I don't know. but I thought it was very funny!

I enjoyed it so much. It makes me so sad that we are leaving in a few days. Our experiences are getting better and better. We drank tea and coffee and chatted for a while. Then Saori was off to tutor a student and we were off to meet Oya for dinner. The ride to downtown was very nice. I was able to chatt with Sayaka about her work. She is a ceramicist. She Studied ceramics at the Kyoto City University of Arts ( the same school as Oya). She recently moved to Kyoto and works at a museum and shows her work in galleries and museums. Actually, tomorrow we will go to her show at a gallery.

They day was amazing. And it only gets better! But I have to leave something for Matthew to write about and it is almost 1:30 in the morning and we have to wake up early to go to our last Japanese class in Japan.

So goodnight, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite!


Anonymous said...

You look absolutely beautiful! How hard it must be to leave these gentle, kind people. You and Matthew ae truly becomming "global citizens", spreading good will, love, peace, joy - I think that this is how we have to do it - one person at a time. It's like the pebble thrown into the water - circles of kindness, respect, spreading out. Bonnie