Monday, January 08, 2007

Today is under construction

Here are some photos of us with our bikes in the snow yesterday, we didn't actually go anywhere. And today at Nijojo castle, very cool "nightingale" floors that whistle when you walk on them, so you'd always be aware of intruders. Accidental caught a kimono runway performance at the textile center on the way back, too. Good times. Title from a sign at the castle garden. Isn't everyday under construction? Or does the construction end around noon when you begin drafting floor plans for tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, you both look great-I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am of all your adventures - it won't be long now tho til I'm free!!!!
Sounds like you are taking advantage of many opportunities there, that is great. Take it all in, live every moment of it, and I hope that you are thanking your gods for this incredible journey. bonnie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the photos.
They make your accounts more real. Keep 'em coming.
You both look great.
You are living life!
Like Bonnie says, count your blessings.
Be well.
P.S. Your rebate checks should be received later this week.