Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Path of Philosophy

Today I biked down to the Path of Philosophy, a nice little walking path along a brook in North East Kyoto. Great for easy strolling and as an escape from the busy city streets. The path runs at the foot of the mountains so there are lots of trees and temples tucked back in the hills. What I'm trying to say is I liked it a lot and took a lot of photos.

The star attraction in this area is the Silver Pavilion World Heritage site Zen Temple.

It has great rock gardens, and even a rock mountain/cone. So Zen.

There was a walk way the curled up the mountain through the temples moss gardens. They had displays of over 64 different kinds off moss, these are the "VIP" mosses, I guess different mosses have different meanings and significance.

I just really liked this building.

This is a small Shinto Kami shrine. I'd love to build one of these when I get back.

Another local Shinto Shrine on the Path of Philosophy. The local ones are nice because there are no tourists and you can really poke around the buildings without feeling awkward. This place had a lot of animal shrines, here's the mouse protector shrine. I just love the statues on the sides, it's not everyday someone carves a stone statue of a mouse with an acorn.

And just for kicks, here's a shot of the urban farms I mentioned.

And the largest Shinto Gate ever. Notice the bus. In the museum district.

In other news, Apple released their iPhone Yesterday. Looks pretty hot, not shipping until June, though.


Anonymous said...

Now you're really travelling!!!! Australia was chicken shit compared to Japan being chicken salad!!! I don't mean that in such a negative way but just in the huge cultural differences - this current experience pushes you to places that may not be comfortable or familiar but wow, what a growing, expanding experience!! You both look great, the pictures are terrific. Each day you must feel more confident, I'm so proud of your language acquisition, good for you. It must be exhausting at times. The bikes must be so liberating, that's great. What beautiful gardens and shrines. Be safe and careful. bonnie