Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bush Rat

The French family left this morning. It will be more quiet but we will miss their company over the next weeks. When we were with Peter Adams he told us about a time in Korea when he took their pet cat and put it up in the attick to clear out all the rats. The next day when he went to get it out the cat was wide eyed, twitching, and was never quite the same since. We started hearing bush rats in the dish rack at night, and about three days ago I had a mental break. All I could say was "bush rat" and "leeches" over and over. Then I just started laughing, for an hour or more. We've only been off the mountain once. Hopefully we'll get hte desk supports up tonight.


Anonymous said...

Bush rats, bush rats, BUSH RATS !!!

So, are you beginning to crack up?



Anonymous said...

i saw a picture of a bush ratonline and it looks pretty cute but you would know better seeing as how you're up close and personal with them.

Anonymous said...

OK, so when does the fun begin???? Had enough yet??? Sounds like you are ready for a change - Japan can't come soon enough I suppose. Brisbane is around the corner so hope you can get some R&R and time to study your Japanese. Bonnie