Monday, November 13, 2006

The Legacy of Luna

I've been reading this book "The Legacy of Luna" by Julia Butterfly Hill. It's amazingly well written given how scatterbrained she was during her lecture at RISD. And so young! My age when she went up into that tree. I keep wondering when my big event will happen, and what it will be. More and more I think I may have to make it happen, although these things always seem to land in people's laps, as if they were born for it. What am I born for? The things I do seem so ordinary to me; go to college, see the world, climb the canyon. Where am I standing for what I believe in? I digress. The book is a good and inspiring read, easy to get into and quick to finish. It leaves me wondering where the balls are in environmentalism. Vinda Shiva states that the environmental movement in India is lead entirely by grass roots women's organisations. Whenever I read about the environment it's always so feminine. Julia mentions a time in the tree when two female singers came up in the tree with her and sang songs and read poems and had a little session. Guys don't do that. How can men get involved and not feel like pansies? Jackson Pollack once said that "Painting needs balls" and I say Environmentalism needs balls, too.


Anonymous said...

Ordinary? Ordinary???? Hiking the Grand Canyon is not ordinary, especially with your mother!! Seeing the world is not ordinary, not if you are living in the moment and taking every inch and breath of it in!! Graduating rom one of the best design schools is not ordinary!! I'll show you ordinary but....not for long, Bud!! This mama is ready to bust loose.