Friday, October 20, 2006

Quick reflection

As I am checking prices of plane tickets and catching up with emails and messages I happened upon this in an email from my friend Dan.

". . . its this whole idea of being between. Between the place
you're from and the place you're going. Or between the life you were living
and whatever will end up being your life. . . Just the physical remove from
all the details of life provides a new perspective. Anyway, I like the
freedom of self involved in travel. Somehow, there's new light shed on every
choice you have in front of you. . ."

I am only beginning to grasp the full extent of the idea. The freedom of choice. Being able to go anywhere and do anything. It is up to us at the moment to change our destinations. Each day gives us more confidence in ourselves and in our actions which in turn allows us to take each step with more determination.


Anonymous said...

I like this thought a lot - "between" -
travelling can be one of the most rewarding, challenging, frustrating, growing experiences you can have I think. Bravo to the two of you - I am so proud of you both - keep on trekking!!! Bonnie