Friday, October 06, 2006

Ketchup Face, Part Two

Before I get into Ketchup face part two, I should better describe ketchup face part one. Back in LA Alison, Renita, and I were looking for a good place to get a cheap meal. In searching the internet we found a highly recommended African place and a cheap Gumbo place; we set out for he African, after all, it said you got to eat with your hands. Navigating La as a bit trickier at night, but we final got there only to discover that they were closed on Mondays. I took a quick look at the map and figured we were pretty close o the Gumbo Pot so we turned around and headed in that direction. Now, looking up these places online, getting lost, and going to closed restaurants all takes time, so when we got to the large Farmers Market Arcade that housed the Gumbo Pot and many other small eateries, it to as closed. The market, however, looked promising for another day. With nothing else around we were not so grudgingly forced into Johnny Rockets. It is now around 9:45PM and we haven't had anything to eat since noon so when our order of fries arrives I am very excited, grab a bottle of ketchup and shake vigorously. Sadly, I did not realize that to cap to the bottle wasn't really on, and I doused myself, the table, the seat next to me, and the window in a long thick gush of ketchup, most of which somehow landed in my ear and hair, or at least that's what it felt like. Needless to say I had dibs on the shower when we got back. In the confusion that followed our burgers arrived, and while Alison and Renita chomped away on theirs, I just looked at mine. This is not what I ordered! I wanted a boca burger and this is clearly a meat burger! I was about to complain when I looked over at Alison, and wait, what's this, she's halfway through a boca burger. We switched, and Renita was very nice and picked up the tab.

Fastforward to our second day in Sydney, the one where we went to the Opera house. That morning we got up decided to have a quick breakfast and see some sights. Unfortunately however, Shannon's family had recently moved to this condo and we couldn't find any bread anywhere, so we decided to get something while we were out. We took the bus into Circular Quay (pronounced key) and the wharfs, where there as a little food stand selling traditional Australian meat pies and sausage rolls. We got one of each and the man at the counter asked us if we wanted sauce. We looked at each other, then him, and said sure... I had forgotten from England that sauce is really ketchup. Fine. But the ketchup here comes in these strange containers, much like honey or single serving jam would in the states, only here the container has two adjacent chambers on the bottom instead of just one large bin and on the center of the lid there's a little protrusion that looks like a bird's beak. I figure this is a pull tab to get the lid off and squeeze he sides a little to get my finger nail in the beak. As it turns out the way to dispense the ketchup is to point the beak at your food and squeeze the sides of the container a bit. I sadly had the beak pointed at my face when I applied the lateral pressure. Again I had dibs on the shower, but this time we had a whole day of sight seeing first.


ren said...

OMG Mathew're killing me with this ketchup thing....hilarious!!!!