Wednesday, October 25, 2006

If you want to end war you have to sing with feeling

Everyone emails me wanting to know how I feel. I feel ok, cold most of the time, often disgusted. With Alison here we can laugh about our woes rather than cry alone, which is good. How's the trip going? Well, the bush is bushier than we thought, the accomodation is much less than we expected, and the work is about the same as we expected. It's hard to tell sometimes when to stop working. The work for the people we stay with never ends, and we could help them dawn to dusk. Sometimes we feel guilty about stopping after four or five hours, but we have to, as an anthropologist must remain removed from the people he or she studies. It's part of the work stay agreement. I'm excited about getting to Japan and staying in one place for a month or two and being in control of my own time. It would be nice to have a weekend off. I'm not excited about it being winter in Japan when we get there. We are both disappointed in how American Australia is (no matter how much they say they don't like us) and are looking into shortening our time in Japan so we can go to India for two months, provided we find a place to stay. I miss everyone, particularly October in New England, leaves, apple cider, and food with flavor. I'm irritated at how hard it is to get anything out here - you can't walk to anything. Getting info from the travel agency is a huge chore. I wish I had a warm had, but am glad I was finally able to get some long johns.

I started feeling tired the other day. Not just exhausted or sleep deprived, I am those things too, but tired. Tired of being here, tired of traveling, and a little homesick, or just in need of a base.