Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween!

We went everywhere trying to find a bit of candy corn but they just don't celebrate Halloween here. So we got some sugar and syrup and made our own carmel apples. Yummy. Also strange was that we couldn't find corn syrup anywhere, and come to think of it I never saw any maple syrup either, just honey and sugar cane syrup. We were going to get out today but the weather is a little gloomy. Not sure if I should dress up as an American or a plasterer's assistant tonight.

I've been thinking about how non PC, sexist, and racist this place is. I'm not saying the states is great, it's certainly not perfect, but I feel like it's much better than we give it credit. For instance, yesterday mark the plasterer and Shirley were talking about wwoofers and how blokes can stay in any old shed, but girls need a proper room in house. Yvonne's son calls everything he doesn't like "gay" as do his friends, and I think the only reason racism is not a big problem here, like Ireland, is that there are no non-whites here. Immigration is so strict because they want an all white Australia, as they say. If there was a large minority population here I'd expect there to be some conflicts of interests. The Korean girls wouldn't adopt non-asian kids becasue they wouldn't want them to be different, and if they adopted a chinese child they'd say it was korean. The U.S. is a damn accepting place.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you're learning a lot.
I went out a bought a bag of Snickers in anticipation of some Trick or Treaters tonight, but I find myslef eating them. Yumm!

Anonymous said...

happy haloweeenn!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea, well let's see what the elections bring next week - I'm just so concerned that with so many places using the machines that we (the dems) may not have a chance. Then we'll see how good this place is cause if we don't get in the party's over!!!