Saturday, September 16, 2006

Preparing to Leave the US

So. . . I have neglected the blog until now. I have been trying to read the books that Matthew had recommended to me, but my attention span is very short when there is so many other stimulus around. I am now in Los Angeles, staying with my brother until our trip begins on September 28th. The question that everyone asks me is if I will move to LA to live. They say that it is the best place to live.

Last night I went out to an Irish pub with at friend, had dinner and people-watched out of the window. As I looked out of the window all I saw was unnaturally tanned bodies in the latest fashions driving the newest SUVs. I wondered why people are still cooking themselves for a look when we are educated about skin cancer and why do people still drive these monstrous vehicles when gas prices are so high and in the midst of this war. Maybe this is a dismal out look but sometimes I just can't help it. The sense that I get is that this place is full of superficial people. In LA success is equivalent to money.

It seems very ironic that we have to fly out of LA it go to a place thats primary focus is community rather than money.

We are planning this trip to see other ways of life.

Another thing . . .

For Others that are traveling.

When you go to places like Thailand you need to get the typhoid vaccination. Most travel clinics will offer the oral typhloid vaccination that requires you to take a pill every other day for a total of 8 days. The catch is that the pills need to be refrigerated. The most it can be out of a refrigerater is for an hour. . .
. . . A quick story about me . . . I got the pills and on my way to NY the freezer pack melted. The next time I got the pills the outlet for the refrigerator in the woodshop went out during the night. So you understand my frustration. When I went to Passport Health here in LA, they informed me that I can get a shot for the vaccination. After hundreds of dollars wasted I find out that I could have gotten a shot! The difference is that vaccination will continue working for 5 years with the pills and the shot for 2 years. Also The Malaria pills are considerably cheaper at Costco Pharmacies!


ren said...

hi my "green" sister, how is New Zealand? I noticed you guys haven't posted anything since you arrived so I guess you're not able to access a computer. Well, are you picking macadamia nuts? What do you guys have to do for work? where do you sleep? hows the weather, the people? fill me in

How was your trip to NZ? mine was very restless but I arrived in NY, the driver was really nice, and the job went well....but I left there with a weave! They had to glue it in for the last photoshoot. Thank God it looks decent .....but its coming out tomorow.

sarah is starting a primarily raw food diet so I'm joining her. After all, I need to start eating healthier anyway.

I studied today, but I need to get so much more accomplished tomorrow. I was preety jetlagged and still sick. The library was closed so I went to a coffee shop but it was rather loud and chilly due to the blasting ceiling fans. So I have to come up with a new place tomorrow, or I have to try my best to focus in my apartment.

Umm whatelse moms says hi, she's
happy you arrived safely. Oh, she wants you to send her some mac. nuts! She was "tickled" when I told her that you might be picking them in turn for food/board. But really, I don't think she was THAT serious....who knows....actually yes she was :)

Ok, love you lots...get a lot of research done.

PS. So does this mean you won't be visiting me in LA when I move? I promise I won't buy a Hummer or an SUV. I do have to get a jeep though...but I'll keep it small and make sure it has good gas mileage. But really, it is ridiculus to have an SUV when only one person is driving. You know certain parents get their kids SUVs for safetly purposes. So their bratty, careless kids can drive wrecklessly, hit other drivers with that huge ass vehicle, kill them and guess who ultimately survives?.....I think THAT's disturbing!

love ya,